Homebrew: Fragrance Balm – “Dryad’s Touch”


I’m a big fan of essential oils – anyone who’s ever lived with me can tell you that.

They have so many uses – from aromatherapy, to topical medicine and even improvised fragrances – it’s safe to say I use them almost every day in one form or another.

There’s a lot of controversy around applying them directly to your skin – personally, I’d never had any problems doing so when I use tiny amount in place of perfume.

However, I’ve found myself experimenting recently with different combinations of scents – rather than remember which I like together or mix them in the morning, I decided to start making my own fragrances.

I’m learning what I can and will include that in later lists, but there is a good resource to start learning about different “notes”, or parts in fragrance composition here and here

I have a shipment of special amber applicators, carrier oil, and witch hazel en route for just this purpose, but until then, I couldn’t resist seeing what I could do in the meantime.

I decided to use coconut oil – a carrier oil I have laying around the house that I use every day in cooking – along with a few drops of my latest essential obsessions. This is the blend I used:


  • COCONUT OIL – Long lasting moisture, pleasant neutral scent – antibacterial and antifungal properties – long shelf life, since I made a small amount to use up fast, no preservatives needed!
  • BASIL ESSENTIAL OIL – Refreshing, enhances focus and clarity. Antibacterial properties. 
  • PINE ESSENTIAL OIL – Energizes, helps to fight fatigue. Combats skin conditions and free radicals as a bonus.
  • MYRRH ESSENTIAL OIL – Earth scent, uplifting and grounding. Ancient holy herb with a variety of medicinal uses.

POSSIBLE USES: Fragrance, wound treatment, skin treatment.

I applied it to my pulse points in the morning and was surprised not only at how potent it was, but how long it lasted – not all day long, but the tiny portable bottle I stored it in made freshening up later in the day a breeze!

Considering all of the wonderful medicinal properties of these oils, I’m looking forward to altering the formula it as a mask on my skin to see how it works in that capacity as well, maybe a refreshing morning quick mask – though I’d like to add some matcha powder to that, as well, when I perfect the formula.

Anyhow, this scent combination is definitely one I’ll try when I begin to experiment with natural perfumes – hopefully in the next few weeks!

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