Potion Review: Weleda – Sage Deodorant


Being a vegetarian, I’m not a stranger to scrutinizing ingredient lists.

However, as ashamed as I am to admit it, it has only been over the course of the last few months that I’ve really paid any mind to the ingredient lists on my beauty products.

I have to say, I was pretty freaked out when I saw all the ingredients in my traditional stick deodorant – mainly aluminum.

Though there is no clear established link between aluminum and breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, I still decided to change up my daily routine.

It’s something that I apply to my body every day – so I would feel better knowing it’s made from ingredients I recognize and trust.

Plus, if I’m being honest, the powdery undertones of conventional women’s anti-antiperspirant make me feel like I’ve rubbed dryer sheets under my armpits.
As a bonus – Weleda is a commendable brand as a whole I don’t mind giving my money to, and the bottle is glass, not nasty nasty plastic!

That was all good and well – it had positive reviews online but I was still skeptical after spraying it, with the question in my mind – “Does this stuff really work?”

I’m pleased to say that the answer is so far absolutely – there have been one or two longer days when I’ve had to reapply, though.

I’ve only used it in colder weather, so I can’t say for sure how it will hold up in the summer, but I suppose only time will tell.

A word of caution – I love the smell of sage, but if you don’t, this deodorant isn’t for you – for a few minutes after spraying it smells very strongly, but soon dissipates.

Personally, I love the earthy scent – this product was a success for me.

You can purchase your own here – it also comes in other scents!

3 thoughts on “Potion Review: Weleda – Sage Deodorant

  1. I was curious about this stuff as some alcohol in their other products does concern me. I do however, love their rosemary hair conditioning oil. Thanks for the review. Animal cruelty free is important to me

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    1. Glad it was helpful! There are a lot of brands out there that label themselves “natural” without much to back up that claim, but Weleda talks the talk and walks the walk! One of the beauty companies I trust the most. Their website has tons of information on their brand from their ethos to ingredient sourcing if you’re interested in getting more background info.

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