Field Notes: Spring Buds in Central Park

Living in the city, you might think that there’s not much for an arborist to do or see. In truth it is one of the most  biodiverse environments I’ve lived in – particularly in terms of the trees and plants that can be seen here.

First, one must consider resources like Brooklyn Botanic Garden and New York Botanical Garden make it possible to go and study plant life from all over the globe year round.

There are also many different species to be seen growing outside. For tree lovers the NYC Street Tree Map is an invaluable database where nearly every tree in the five boroughs is mapped, so if you’re trying to confirm what that interesting looking tree on your walk back from the subway is, look no further.

There are some outdoor locations that offer more variety than others. The spring brings a special kind of magic to the city’s wooded areas – and Manhattan’s Central Park is no exception. The nearly 20,000 trees in the park are composed of at least 174 species – native and non native.

That means that in early spring, there are plenty of different kinds of blossoms and seeds to be seen.

I pass the park usually at least once a week – and on my last visit there, I took some pictures of the buds and pods I saw on trees and shrubs there.

There were buds of all shapes, colors and sizes – a clear visual reminder for me that biodiversity can be found in places where you may not expect it.

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