Homebrew: Perfume – “Forest Flora Dew”


After making an experimental fragrance oil a few weeks ago, I decided I was going to try try my hand at making a real fragrance.

I bought a couple of carrier oils to experiment with, and some witch hazel extract to act as an alcohol and help preserve the fragrance.

These are what I’ll be using to experiment with combinations of different essential oils and other natural ingredients to concoct plant-based perfumes – which I’ll write about here.

I do plan on adjusting my formula for better longevity – these fragrances only seem to last for a few hours.

This isn’t really an issue as I keep them in small, portable vials with roll-on applicators to refresh as I need to, which I’ve found allows them to double as aromatherapy.

Since they smell so lovely, I’ve found this to be a relaxing ritual that improves my mood.

But enough rambling, on to the first fragrance…


  • JOJOBA OIL – Neutral scent to suspend and dilute the essential oil blend.
  • WITCH HAZEL – Used to keep the fragrance fresh, and also as an alcohol to help bring out the scent of the oils.
  • ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL – Aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antioxidant.
  • BIRCH ESSENTIAL OIL – Invigorating, stimulation.
  • LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL –  Calming, anti-anxiety.
  • CEDARWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL – Comforting, grounding.

POSSIBLE USES: Perfume, aromatherapy.

I love the emotions that the the scent of a rose evokes, but hate all the associations I already have with the flower.

I’d say it’s fragrance is overused, if I’m being kind – and that it reminds me of funeral parlors, if I’m not.

So my hope was to be able to revive this scent – to combine it with others in a way that might preserve the qualities that make it so appealing, while simultaneously being different enough to break those associations.

The other oils blend with the rose in a way I feel achieves this – particularly the birch, which was a bit of a gamble.

The result is a fresh and invigorating scent that is floral and feminine, but barely sweet.

I find fragrances that are too sweet or flowery offensive – so I’m really happy with the result being something that is light and feminine, but not overwhelming.

This scent is one of my favorites from the first batch that I made, and I think is perfect for spring.

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