Homebrew: Perfume – “Dryad’s Touch” (Formula II)


The last perfume I’ll share from the first batch was an adjustment of the first Dryad’s Touch I made.

The clary sage makes such a big difference with the fragrance.

I guess what I’ve noticed is no matter how little pine you use you need to be careful – it has the tendency to make a fragrance smell a little but medicinal or like cleaner.

Now if you’re making a natural cleaner, that’s great – but I was trying to make a natural perfume.

I’m pleased to say this incarnation of Dryad’s touch is much closer to what I was hoping for!

It smells lush and green – if I ever want to smell like a lush, verdant forest, this is the scent it I use.

It’s grounding and calming, with a hint of sass – which I think I can give credit to the basil for.

The myrrh balances everything out but, I do think I will try to add a little something to it the next time I make it.

All in all, it’s a nice fragrance I’ll use up!

I’m pretty happy with it.

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