Field Notes – Natural Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

Coffee is a staple of city life – it’s hard to think about starting the morning without it but sometimes it’s a better option to trade in your daily cup of Joe for something different.

I’m an avid coffee drinker myself, but there are mornings where I may not need quite the level of caffeine that coffee provides, or weeks where I’m brightening my smile and want to dial back on potential staining.

Still yet there are days where my stomach is upset, or I’m too stressed out – and while I crave the taste of coffee, I know it will make these things worse.

Luckily there are plenty of other rich, dark herbal beverages that provide alternatives to coffee, no matter what your preferences!

  1. Chaga Tea
    This is my personal favorite coffee substitute – it has a dark, rich, earthy taste that satisfies my taste buds, zero caffeine – perfect when I don’t need any, but want a rich warm beverage. Chaga is a medicinal mushroom with too many purported benefits and nutrients to list here – but most interestingly it is said to be an adaptogen, or a substance that helps the body restore balance.
  2. Chicory Root ‘Coffee”
    This hot chicory root beverage is probably the closest thing in taste to coffee – full, dark, and rich, but distinctly different. Many coffee drinkers actually prefer it’s taste, and more still add it to their coffee to dilute the caffeine content. Chicory root also is said to have varied medicinal benefits as well, including detoxification and improved digestion.
  3. Dandelion Root Tea
    Dandelion root tea, like chicory, is another common coffee substitute. While chicory has a strong flavor that many may find needs to be diluted, the same can be said for the somewhat bitter taste of dandelion root tea. Those that enjoy the bitterness of certain coffee roasts may find this drink preferable. Dandelion root tea has been said to assist the body with detoxification, and give your immune system a boost.
  4. Yerba Matte
    For those looking for a departure from their morning cup of Joe, but unwilling to part with caffeine, look no further. While Yerba Matte tea may not taste anything like coffee, it will provide a kick in the morning to help you get through the day. The taste this drink does have is extremely pleasant – though it tastes much more leafy and astringent, instead of earthy, while still being rich and bitter.
  5. Nettle Tea
    This tea neither tastes or acts like coffee, but I personally find it to be a good substitute all the same. When left to steep covered, the result is a full bodied tea – rich and flavorful, sans caffeine. I drink this in the morning when I want a nourishing tea but need something with body to it’s taste. Nettles are supposed to be fantastic for you – they’re a nutritive herb, or an herb that contains a remarkable amount of vitamins and minerals.

Whether you’re looking to ditch coffee or just trying to change up your morning routine, I hope you found something on this list you are interested in trying!

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