Field Notes: Upcoming Adirondack Vacation

In a few short day’s I’ll be taking a retreat deep into the heart of the Adirondacks for some much needed rejuvenation and deep re-connection.

While afternoons in parks and day-hikes are one thing I try to do when I can to keep myself grounded there is no real exception for crisp mountain air, a canopy of pine needles, and woodland seclusion.

The urban landscape of my current habitat satisfies many of the needs that I have, but I’ve learned I can only flourish there with balance.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with familiar plant and animal friends – being able to forage and climb, swim outside and see the stars at night surrounded by smells and sounds of the forest.

Over the years the forest has etched spaces in my bones that have begun to ache empty… it’s been too many moons since I’ve done all of these things and I’m long overdue.

I’ll certainly have quite a bit to write about and share when I get back, so this post is a promise of things to follow.

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