Homebrew: Tea – “Astragulus Chai”


 So I was trying to tweak one of my other formulations that I make with tulsi – the weather was turning and I felt the beginnings of a cold in the back of my throat.
I realized I had some astragulus lying around and figure I may as well make an adaptogen blend to see if that wouldn’t help.

I added a little bit of astragulus, lemon balm, and eleuthero and let it steep.

After taking a sip to my shock – it tasted an awful lot like chai tea – and adding a tiny bit of cloves from there made it that much more like the traditional drink!

The astragulus and tulsi are definitely the most predominant flavors, and are really a lovely combination.

Now when I make it I sometimes add almond or coconut milk to make it taste even more like chai – though it is still delicious without.

This tea is chock of anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, system balancing compounds and nutrients I wrote about in another post on adaptogens – and my body definitely thanked me for it the next morning.
I may see if I can’t get some ashwaganda in there in the future as well – though I’d be surprised if there was any way for me to make that herb less bitter.
I look forward to playing with more blends this fall – maybe I’ll even share some more of them here!

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