Homebrew: Face Oil – “Mountain Dewdrop Moisturizing Facial Oil”


Lately I’d been pretty dissatisfied with facial moisturizers. They simply didn’t provide the long lasting glow I was lusting after.

So after using up the most recent one I’d tried, I wondered if it didn’t make sense to create my own solution.

I know that some people use oils on their face instead – since these are much closer chemically to how the skin keeps itself moisturized.

I looked into the ingredients in some of the most popular commercially available ones, and noticed a few that were frequently used.

I went with a blend of different plant based oils including grapeseed (my skin seems to respond particularly well to this one), almond oil, and jojoba (the oil that most closely matches the natural oils the body produces.

I added a few essential oils I felt were most appropriate – ones that are used to fight the some of the effects of aging, tighten skin, as well as have antimicrobial properties to help fight breakouts.

The result was this oil – it provides all day or all night moisture for my face, helping me maintain a natural glow while fighting impurities.

Initially this began as an experiment, but after how effective I’ve found this face oil to be I’ve been using it on the daily and ditching store bought facial moisturizer, probably for good.

I may tweak the formula in the future – I’d really like to include other oils as well.

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