Field Notes: Basics – Herbs for Female Reproductive Health


There are herbs that are best used to target just about every body system – and the female reproductive system is no exception. From menopause to a lack of libido, there’s a plant ally that may help cure what ails you.

  1. Black Cohosh – Black cohosh is a cure-all for female reproductive woes. Commonly, it’s used to treat menopausal symptoms but its benefits extend far beyond just that – the phytoestrogens, or plant based estrogens, it contains can help to regulate a period that comes on too strong or is late.  This herb is strong medicine – and has been known to put some strain on the liver if too much is taken.

  2. Red Clover – Red clover is another fantastic herb for helping to tend to female organs while they are on the mend. This herb helps to provide nutrients for these systems as well as regulate hormonal imbalances. It is a gentle nourishing herb and goes well in a tea blend with others to help support female reproductive health.

  3. Red Raspberry – This is another nourishing herb, especially for those who are suffering from PMS symptoms. This herb is purported to contain chemicals that help to ease muscle spasms, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties so it can really provide wonderful relief sipped as a tea to help soothe period-related cramps.

  4. Chaste Tree Berry – Also known as vitex, this herb is commonly used to treat assorted symptoms of PMS, including headaches and sore breasts as well as bloating and fatigue. If you feel your time of the month coming on, it may be worthwhile to use this herb to help ease your symptoms. It has also been used as an infertility treatment as it helps to balance estrogen and progesterone in the body.

  5. Hops – Hops are a commonly used herb to help beat insomnia but also they are also purported to increase sex drive in women over time. Interestingly, the same treatment has been reported to decrease the sex drive of men.

  6. Cramp Bark – Need I say much more? If you suffering from particularly horrible PMS cramps, this herb may be your best friend. It helps to relieve cramps, as well as muscle spasms. In general, it helps to relieve all kinds of tension from the body – perfect for that time of the month.

  7. Dong Quai – This is considered the quintessential herb to promote female reproductive health and vitality in traditional chinese medicine. It helps control cramps and spasms, and is thought to help treat iron deficiency and replenish red blood cells. It can also increase fertility and promote overall health – a useful herb at all points in the female reproductive cycle,

Hopefully regardless of whether you’re looking to fortify your health, or address an issue, you found an herb that interests you!

As always, especially if you are pregnant, consult a doctor before trying any of these herbs.

It’s important to remember in herbal medicine each plant has different chemical constituents and affects the body differently.

All these herbs also can be used to treat a plethora of conditions – they are more than just good for the reproductive system, and I encourage you to learn more about each of them!

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