Field Notes: New York Institute of Aromatherapy – An Essential Oil Encyclopedia

Their location in the East Village is a great first stop if you’re looking to take a dive into the world of essential oils and live in the area.

Getting started with essential oils can be intimidating and confusing.

With these botanical essences spiking in popularity, there are many different companies that sell their oils online.

Especially if you’re new the world of essential oils it’s easy to accidentally take home something that’s diluted, or even worse, synthetic.

The store at The New York Institute of Aromatherapy has easily the best selection of essential oils I’ve found anywhere.

For more common oils, they often sell more than one brand – ranging from their own affordable but very good quality brand of oils to much more high end stuff.

They stock lots of less common essential oils as well, which is one of my favorite things about their inventory – I saw plenty of oils I hadn’t seen anywhere else, much less heard of.

When I went in I found tons of oils I didn’t even know people made – for example, I was familiar with tulsi as a medicinal herb, but not as an essential oil!

The best part is they have samples of everything – which is why this is my go to spot when I’m looking to expand my collection.

Rather than buying online which is always a bit of a gamble, I can actually smell the exact batch I’m considering buying there in the store.

Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, the staff there is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and totally willing to help you.

Whether you’re looking for a specific quality of note for a perfume you’re blending, or an oil to address a specific issue they know their inventory well and are very informative.

In addition to being a storefront, they also offer a ton of classes in addition to a certification curriculum in Aromatherapy through their online calendar.

They are first and foremost a school, after all, and though I haven’t taken a class yet so I can’t say too much about them, I hope to in the near future!

If you’ve got an interest in essential oils or are just in the area and curious, I would totally recommend a visit.

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