Flora and Fauna: Pothos Plant

This sun-loving plant is great for beginning indoor gardeners – easy to please, as well as propagate. 

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) also known as devil’s ivy and hunters robe, among other nicknames is a wonderful indoor garden addition.

I currently have three of these plants, and have found that they tend to be pretty easy-going.

Sometimes I’ll forget to water them, for an extra few days, but they don’t seem to care – they’ll droop a bit, but that serves as a reminder to give them a drink!

These plants aren’t very picky –  they seem happiest when watered once a week, after their soil has dried out completely and enjoy sunlight and prefer that it isn’t too direct.

They grow like crazy – I find I need to clip mine occasionally.

If you were so inclined you could put these clippings in a glass jar and grow them there, where they look quite beautiful, and you can propagate them easily from there.

One of my pothos is a Marble Queen cultivar – it seems to be a little less forgiving, requiring more timely watering and less direct sunlight.

However it does grow more slowly, which means less frequent re-potting and/or clipping, and I think it’s even prettier than the others!

Pothos are great plants I would recommend them to beginner’s or any prospective plant owners looking for something a step up from a succulent.

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