Field Notes: Wild Bird Fund – Helping the Injured Birds of NYC

While many birds survive and thrive in the city, it’s full of man-made hazards evolution didn’t prepare them for – and when they get hurt, if they’re lucky this is where the wind up.

New York City finds itself in the potential migration path of many species of bird – and so birds that do not live here passing through may find themselves especially unfamiliar with their surroundings, and even more at risk.

A bird that escapes the clutches of a house-cat, another major threat to migratory avians, may get away only to find it is too feeble to continue it’s journey.

There are also plenty of vehicles around. Most of the time birds can get out of the way of traffic – but not always – after all, cars can go far faster than most winged creatures.

Another huge hazard, perhaps the most common and most dangerous one in big cities, are large glass windows – birds often don’t see them from far away, and crash straight into them.

The Wild Bird Fund’s website says that 90% of the birds brought to them have injuries indirectly caused by humans – but luckily, they are able to save many of them and give them a second chance.

Though they may be working one patient at a time in a city where so many winged critters are injured their work is very important.

As New York City’s only recognized wildlife rehab center they occasionally take on non-avian patients as well.

In addition to rehabbing critters of all shapes in sizes, they hold events, and do educational youth ornithology programming.

To learn more about what they do, donate, or even volunteer, you can visit their website.

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