Field Notes: Introduction to Tinctures

Tinctures are herbal medicines that are easy and cheap to make yourself – and more convenient than teas or infusions!

Don’t get me wrong, I primarily take my herbs through teas and infusions.

I really like the taste of most herbal teas, and it helps me to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Still, there are some herbs that don’t taste particularly good in a tea and you just want to get them down quickly.

There are other herbs that need to be steeped for an especially long time or crushed up – like berries or roots – that sometimes I just don’t have time for.

Sometimes I want something I can take with me in my purse, or travel light with.

Other times, an herb will have been kind of expensive or hard to get, and I want to get the most bang for my buck from it.

In these situations, I may be more likely to want a tincture than a tea.

Tinctures are pretty simple to make – you just need cut up herbs of your choice (dry or fresh) a clean jar, and high proof alcohol.

You put the desired amount of herb whatever recipe your following indicates in a jar, fill it up to the top with alcohol, seal it tight and put it away, shaking and checking in on it now and then until it’s ready to be strained – pretty simple!

There are lots of tweaks to this people use, but most recipes you’ll with a quick online search are simple and straightforward.

Up until recently I would buy my tinctures rather than make them myself, but I’ve recently started and I’m so glad I have.

It’s much cheaper to do it on my own, it just requires a bit of initial patience!

In the future I may do an article on my own favorite herbal tinctures – again, there are some purposes they are better suited to than others.

If you’re an avid tincture user I definitely recommend doing some research and looking into making your own – it’s surprisingly as easy as it sounds!

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