Homebrew: Reishi Hot Cocoa

If you like medicinal mushrooms and chocolate and don’t already know about this, get ready to read about your new cold-weather go to brew.
It’s really as simple as it sounds – this winter I’ve been making hot cocoa with reishi – it’s pretty much that simple.

What I generally do is grab a square of dark chocolate or a handful cacao nibs, sprinkle in my dose of reishi powder and stir until the powder is absorbed the the chocolate is totally melted.

Then I add in some coconut milk to taste, (fat helps with absorption of vitamins, minerals, and medicine) as well as local honey or Stevia.

You can sprinkle cinnamon over the top for an extra punch of flavor and medicinal efficacy!

Even my partner (who hates mushrooms) had to admit it was delicious.

Overall, this drink is an antioxidant power house between the reishi and the chocolate, as well as a fantastic way to take this ancient medicine.

There are tons of recipes online, but I’d totally recommend this simple one to anyone who appreciates this mushroom as much as I do.

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