Homebrew: Aromatherapy Blend – “Good Morning”




This is a blend I’ll often have going in my office when I’m working on projects and feel like I need a little boost, and matcha or coffee isn’t totally doing the trick.

I often use aromatherapy diffusers as a means for reaping the benefits of my essential oils.

Refreshing and bright, this blend is the perfect aromatherapeutic tool to help you stay alert, focused, and on task.

I prefer to use this blend first thing in the morning, but it’s well suiting to just about any time before the sun starts to set.

It’s primarily grapefruit and peppermint – but bergamot adds a little depth to the citrusy scent, and birch adds complexity to the minty scent of grapefruit.

Citrus and mint are some of the most volatile and high frequency scents essential oils have to offer – they call to attention the entirety of our olfactory senses, but the contrasting combination of the two in a diffuser takes this to a whole other level.

The startling yet pleasant contrast of mint and citrus is uplifting, bright, and powerful – I know they might seem like an unlikely duo, but if you have any kind of mint and high frequency citrus, I strongly encourage you to give this a shot.

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