Homebrew: Aromatherapy Blend – “Herbal Wake Up Call”


I often carry around a small bottle of essential oil to inhale whenever I want to increase my awareness or shift my state of mind.

Lately I’ve been carrying around a simple blend of basil, bergamot, and peppermint.

The bright scent of bergamot is a light and gentle citrus – never overwhelming, it’s understated, uplifting fragrance always kind of reminds me of a soft ray of morning sun.

Peppermint by itself is invigorating and refreshing – it always pulls me out a fund and helps me a little more present – the contrast with the bergamot, which vibrates on a similar high frequency.

The most powerful element of this simple blend is the basil – it is bright, green, fresh and grounding all at once.

It pulls together the other two scents, and takes the overall invigoration the blend provides to another level.

An excellent mindfulness tool, it has proven invaluable to me for long days at work, or even when I’m just feeling a little out of it.

This isn’t the only blend I’ve found helpful for on the go aromatherapy – there are plenty of others, and maybe I’ll share some of my others in the near future.

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