Once upon a time, nature was always at my fingertips – I didn’t have to venture far to see a tree who’s name I knew, or hear a bird sing a familiar song.

If I really needed to clear my head, I was never too far from a trail or woodland clearing where I could sit, feeling as though I was the only person on the planet.

I became so accustomed to the presence of forests that I don’t think I truly conceptualized what it would be like to be  without them.

Despite my affinity for nature, I simultaneously find myself drawn back to cultural biodiversity – something the solitude of a forest sorely lacks, but New York City is rich in.

Living here and working in journalism has provided me with a more comprehensive and pragmatic paradigm through which to see the challenges the things I hold dearest face.

I can’t deny that I miss the woods I spent so much time in, but I have since discovered nature elsewhere in places I never would have sought it before.

It might seem like living in a big city would bring me further away from the forest than ever – but I think it’s brought me closer than ever.