Field Notes: Herb Shops in New York City

You wouldn’t know unless you’re looking but there are a ton of places to source herbs in New York City across the five boroughs.

If you know your way around Flushing there are many places to pick up mushrooms and other traditional Chinese herbal medicines. I’ve also heard great things about Sundial Herbs up in the Bronx where you might find all kinds of tropical plant-based remedies.

Still, there are a few places I call my favorite, the ones I keep coming back to. I’ve compiled a list of them below – this list is by no means exhaustive, and if there’s an herb shop in your neighborhood that I missed, I encourage you to check it out as well!
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Field Notes: Opinion – Words Versus Worth in Nature

Language is a powerful tool in shaping perception – perhaps one of the most effective. I’ve been told that my tea cabinet is full of ‘weeds’, which leads me to reply that the word what a ‘weed’ is, is in the eye of the beholder.  It means a plant devoid of value, something to be pulled up and disposed of. As someone who takes interest in the ecological and medicinal value of plants and all other organisms, I am reluctant to call any plant a weed or dismiss any species with a signal word.

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