Homebrew: Perfume – “Sun Fairy”

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: VANILLA, CLOVE, YUZU, SANDALWOOD. USES: PERFUME, FRAGRANCE. This scent is bright, playful, and feminine. It’s all around pretty delicate, and very aromatic. The yuzi and sandalwood are calming and uplifting - the delicate lemony scent in the yuzu lightens up the entire blend, while the sandalwood, while a bit quieter is grounding [...]

Homebrew: Reishi Hot Cocoa

If you like medicinal mushrooms and chocolate and don't already know about this, get ready to read about your new cold-weather go to brew. It's really as simple as it sounds - this winter I've been making hot cocoa with reishi - it's pretty much that simple. What I generally do is grab a square [...]

Potion Review: Kiss My Face – Coconut Body Moisturizer

PRODUCT: KISS MY FACE COCONUT BODY MOISTURIZER BASICS: BODY LOTION| $13.99/ 32 oz | PLANT-BASED HERBS: COCONUT, GRAPESEED, OLIVE OIL, SHEA. Since Kiss My Face is a pretty ethical company and I wanted a lotion with a neutral scent, I gave this a shot. I cannot stress enough how much sweet smelling things gross me [...]

Homebrew: Alpine Blossom Nourishing Face Oil

TYPE: FACIAL OIL. HERBS: NETTLE, ROSE, EVENING PRIMROSE, BIRCH, LAVENDER, SEA BUCKTHORN, GRAPESEED, ALMOND, CARROT SEED. USES: FACIAL MOISTURIZER. I was experimenting with various facial moisturizers but what I found was that a lot of them just sat on top of my face, rather than absorbing and actually moisturizing. I’ve written about this before, and [...]

Potion Review: A La Maison de Provence – Hand & Body Soap, Rosemary Mint

PRODUCT: A LA MAISON DE PROVENCE ROSEMARY MINT BODY WASH / HAND SOAP BASICS: BODYWASH | $23.88 / 16.9 oz x 3 PACK | PALM OIL FREE HERBS: COCONUT, OLIVE OIL, ROSEMARY, MINT.   I was out of body wash, and decided to give a new one a shot. Rosemary and mint are two of [...]