Potion Review: Shea Moisture – Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Créme Body Wash

PRODUCT: PEACE ROSE OIL COMPLEX SENSITIVE CRÉME BODY WASH BASICS: BODY WASH / BUBBLE BATH | $9.99 / 13 oz | ORGANIC – PLANT-BASED – SUSTAINABLY SOURCED HERBS: CAMELLIA, DATE PALM, PEACE ROSE I was out of body wash the other day and decided to give this a try. I know Shea Moisture makes quality hair [...]

Field Notes: Indoor Plant Care Tips

Growing plants indoors requires a different approach than your average lawn or back-yard garden. There are unique challenges that come with houseplant care - but they can be easily overcome for a prepared indoor gardener. The following is a list of a few of the most useful things I've learned about keeping plants inside - [...]

Potion Review: Choice – White Peony Tea

PRODUCT: CHOICE WHITE PEONY TEA BASICS: TEA | $3.93 / 16 bags| ORGANIC - NON-GMO - RECYCLED PACKAGING - FAIR TRADE - GLUTEN FREE HERBS: WHITE TEA Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, but I’d never had peony tea before. I’ve also just begun to explore white teas -I like that they have a [...]

Homebrew: Perfume – “Pine Forest”

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: CEDAR, SPRUCE, CLOVE, BALSAM FIR, BERGAMOT. USES: PERFUME, AROMATHERAPY. This fragrance is a part of the third batch I made. It's a full-bodied scent that smells both earthy and refreshing - I've found that when I apply it to my pulse points, it evokes a cozy, calming feeling. For me it recalls [...]

Potion Review: Aubrey – Evening Primrose Hand and Body Lotion

PRODUCT: AUBREY EVENING PRIMROSE HAND AND BODY LOTION BASICS: BODY LOTION | $9.86 / 8 oz | ORGANIC - VEGAN - SULFATE & PARABEN FREE - NATURAL HERBS: EVENING PRIMROSE, AVOCADO Aubrey a company I generally trust with quality. They avoid using artificial colors, preservatives or fragrances in their beauty products - going the all [...]

Potion Review: Meyer’s – Iowa Pine Cleaning Spray

PRODUCT: MEYER'S - IOWA PINE CLEANING SPRAY BASICS: SUNSCREEN | $14.33 / 16 oz | VEGAN - PLANT-BASED HERBS: SPRUCE, CEDAR, CLOVE, ALOE   I have been trying out different plant based soaps and cleaning sprays. I clean a fair amount and kind of hate the idea of breathing in god knows what in conventional household cleaners on [...]

Field Notes – Natural Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

Coffee is a staple of city life - it's hard to think about starting the morning without it but sometimes it's a better option to trade in your daily cup of Joe for something different. I'm an avid coffee drinker myself, but there are mornings where I may not need quite the level of caffeine that coffee [...]