Potion Review: Red Eft Herbs – Stress and Adrenal Tincture

PRODUCT: RED EFT HERBS STRESS AND ADRENAL TINCTURE BASICS: TINCTURE | $8.50 / 1 oz | ORGANIC - WILD-HARVESTED HERBS: LICORICE, ASHWAGANDA, NETTLE, SCHISANDRA, PLANTAIN In the past, I’ve relied on herbal medicines to fortify my health. Recently I’ve felt kind of depleted and stressed out - my work has tended to be demanding, and while [...]

Homebrew: Perfume – “Dryad’s Touch” (Formula II)

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: BASIL, CLARY SAGE, MYRRH.   USES: PERFUME, AROMATHERAPY. The last perfume I’ll share from the first batch was an adjustment of the first Dryad’s Touch I made. The clary sage makes such a big difference with the fragrance. I guess what I’ve noticed is no matter how little pine you use you [...]

Potion Review: Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse

PRODUCT: Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse BASICS: ORAL HYGIENE | $8.49 / 16 oz | ORGANIC - PLANT-BASED HERBS: ALOE VERA - PEPPERMINT - CLOVE - ROSEMARY - EUCALUPTUS - CINNAMON When I bought this product I was looking for a natural mouthwash, but found this instead. In all honesty I should have read the packaging [...]

Homebrew: Tincture – Dandelion & Catnip

I've used tinctures on and off for the last five years, primarily crafted by friends or purchased at stores. This week I'm pleased to say I was lucky enough to begin by making my first tinctures with my own two paws! The herbs for the two separate tinctures I chose were catnip (Nepeta cataria) and [...]

Flora & Fauna: Air Plants

Air plants (Tillandsia) are one the the most exotic low-maintenance plants you can keep in your apartment. Air plants are actually a genus of plants, and there are countless different species you can buy - that come in various shapes and colors. Generally speaking they hail from tropical climates, which is part of the reason [...]

Potion Review: Pukka – Cleanse Tea

PRODUCT: PUKKA CLEANSE TEA BASICS: HERBAL TEA | $6.53 / 20 bags | ORGANIC - VEGAN - GLUTEN/DAIRY/SOY FREE HERBS: ALOE VERA, FENNEL, NETTLE, LICORICE. I think I may even drink more tea than water, even in the summer. In fact, I’m not sure why I didn’t start writing about teas here sooner. I have [...]

Homebrew: Perfume – “Woodland Song”

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: CEDAR, BALSAM FIR, BERGAMOT. USES: PERFUME, AROMATHERAPY. This is one of the other perfumes I made in my first batch. It’s a bright, energizing scent - applying it is an instant pick me up. The bergamot and and balsam fir make this fragrance quite refreshing - when I apply it first thing [...]