Homebrew: Fragrance Balm – “Dryad’s Touch”

TYPE: FRAGRANCE BALM/OIL HERBS: BASIL, MYRRH, PINE USES: PERFUME, TOPICAL MEDICINE I’m a big fan of essential oils - anyone who’s ever lived with me can tell you that. They have so many uses - from aromatherapy, to topical medicine and even improvised fragrances - it’s safe to say I use them almost every day in [...]

Potion Review: Alterna – Bamboo Kendi Oil

PRODUCT: ALTERNA BAMBOO KENDI OIL BASICS: HAIR OIL | $25.-- / 1.7 oz | ORGANIC, FAIR-TRADE, CRUELTY-FREE HERBS: BAMBOO, FENNEL, ALGAE, CARROT, JOJOBA. I have naturally thick, curly hair which means it almost always craves more moisture. Because of me hair texture I have to be especially careful when it comes to what products I [...]

Field Notes: Opinion – Why Green Isn’t Enough

Now, perhaps more than ever, creating a market for environmentally sustainable products is an urgent need. The consumerism that has ingrained itself in our culture is a facet of day to day life that we cannot easily shed. In the fight against climate change we cannot simply expect the momentum behind consumerism to come to a [...]

Potion Review: Insta Natural – Hyaluronic Acid Serum

PRODUCT: Insta Natural Hyaluronic Acid Serum BASICS: PERFUME | $15.97 / 60 ml |ORGANIC - NO PARABENS/SULFATES - VEGAN HERBS: GREEN TEA, ALOE, JOJOBA, GINKO, ROSEMARY  It’s weird how in your twenties you start to care more about your skin, or at least I did. Since I actually began to adhere to a skin care [...]

Flora & Fauna: Spider Plants

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum)  are easy to grow house plants that are also pretty easy on the eyes. When you spend as much time as I do looking at plants, you begin to develop preferences for certain shades of green their leaves grow in. The spider plant’s leaves are a cool, calming green – one of my [...]

Potion Review: Acorelle – Land of Cedar Perfume

PRODUCT: Acorelle - Eau de Perfume, Land of Cedar BASICS: PERFUME | $44.00 / 50 ml |ORGANIC – NSF - CRUELTY FREE HERBS: CEDAR, BERGAMOT, GINGER I love earthy scents, and cedar may well be my favorite. Many mornings I’ll dab essential oil on to my wrists and skip perfume all together. However, the scent [...]