Potion Review: A La Maison de Provence – Hand & Body Soap, Rosemary Mint

PRODUCT: A LA MAISON DE PROVENCE ROSEMARY MINT BODY WASH / HAND SOAP BASICS: BODYWASH | $23.88 / 16.9 oz x 3 PACK | PALM OIL FREE HERBS: COCONUT, OLIVE OIL, ROSEMARY, MINT.   I was out of body wash, and decided to give a new one a shot. Rosemary and mint are two of [...]

Potion Review: Kiss My Face Shower Gel – Relaxing Anti-Stress Woodland Pine & Ginseng

PRODUCT: KISS MY FACE - WOODLAND PINE & GINSENG SHOWER GEL BASICS: BODYWASH | $7.44 / 32 oz | PARABEN-FREE. PLANT-BASED HERBS: OLIVE OIL, ALOE VERA, GOTU KOLA, FIR, LINDEN, GINSENG Talk about a pick me up! I love, love love this shower gel. It smells like sunrise in a pine forest, and I’m totally here [...]

Field Notes: Herb Shops in New York City

You wouldn’t know unless you’re looking but there are a ton of places to source herbs in New York City across the five boroughs. If you know your way around Flushing there are many places to pick up mushrooms and other traditional Chinese herbal medicines. I’ve also heard great things about Sundial Herbs up in [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Astragulus Chai”

TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: ASTRAGULUS, TULSI, LEMONBALM, ELEUTHERO, CLOVE, SCHISANDRA. USES: ADAPTATION, ANTI-STRESS, RELAXATION.  So I was trying to tweak one of my other formulations that I make with tulsi - the weather was turning and I felt the beginnings of a cold in the back of my throat. I realized I had some astragulus [...]

Homebrew: Beauty Product – “Lavender Mint Body Scrub”

TYPE: FACE & BODY SCRUB. HERBS: LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT, SUGAR, GRAPESEED OIL. USES: EXFOLIATION, AROMATHERAPY. Exfoliation is one of the keys to keeping your skin radiant - after all, your skin can't glow or look healthy with a layer of dead skin covering it. When you use a facial scrub you exfoliate away the dead skin [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Ruby Relaxation Tonic”

  TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: TULSI, NETTLE, LEMONBALM, HIBISCUS. USES: WARMING, ADAPTATION, RELAXATION. This is a warming blend of herbs that will help your body combat mental and environmental stress, like changing seasons for example. Tulsi, or holy basil, as an extremely powerful adaptogen, while nettle is one of the most nutritious plant medicines there [...]

Potion Review: Brookethorne Naturals – Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Oil

PRODUCT: BROOKETHORNE NATURALS RELAX THERAPEUTIC BODY MASSAGE OIL BASICS: MASSAGE OIL | $16.49/ 8.5 oz | PARABEN-FREE - VEGAN - PLANT-BASED - CRUELTY FREE HERBS: LAVENDER, MARJORAM, PEPPERMINT, SWEET ALMOND This is the first massage oil I've ever purchased myself, and I really liked it. It goes on light - it's not greasy or oily at all, and [...]