Potion Review: Slumberhouse’s Norne

PRODUCT: SLUMBERHOUSE’S NORNE BASICS: PARFUM EXTRAIT | $160.00 / 30ml | PLANT EXTRACTS, FOREST ABSOLUTES, NON-SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE NOTES: HEMLOCK, FOG, PINE, MOSS, INCENSE Crafted by an small independent perfumer in Oregon, this fragrance nails every single note you’d smell walking through a pine forest. From the sweet smell of pine pitch and resin to the [...]

Homebrew: Aromatherapy Blend – “Herbal Wake Up Call”

TYPE: ON THE GO AROMATHERAPY. HERBS: BASIL, BERGAMOT, PEPPERMINT. USES: AROMATHERAPY. I often carry around a small bottle of essential oil to inhale whenever I want to increase my awareness or shift my state of mind. Lately I’ve been carrying around a simple blend of basil, bergamot, and peppermint. The bright scent of bergamot is [...]

Homebrew: Aromatherapy Blend – “Good Morning”

TYPE: DIFFUSER BLEND. HERBS: GRAPEFRUIT, PEPPERMINT, BERGAMOT, BIRCH. USES: AROMATHERAPY. This is a blend I’ll often have going in my office when I’m working on projects and feel like I need a little boost, and matcha or coffee isn’t totally doing the trick. I often use aromatherapy diffusers as a means for reaping the benefits [...]

Homebrew: Sunrise Herbal Eye Brightener

TYPE: UNDER-EYE SERUM HERBS: EVENING PRIMROSE, CYPRESS, ROSEMARY, BERGAMOT. USES: BRIGHTEN  UNDER EYES, SOFTEN DARK CIRCLES. No under-eye serums I’ve found make up for a lack of sleep, and a lot of the ones I’ve yet to try have ingredients that make me shy away from them. After reading about different essential oils and plant [...]

Homebrew: Alpine Blossom Nourishing Face Oil

TYPE: FACIAL OIL. HERBS: NETTLE, ROSE, EVENING PRIMROSE, BIRCH, LAVENDER, SEA BUCKTHORN, GRAPESEED, ALMOND, CARROT SEED. USES: FACIAL MOISTURIZER. I was experimenting with various facial moisturizers but what I found was that a lot of them just sat on top of my face, rather than absorbing and actually moisturizing. I’ve written about this before, and [...]

Field Notes: New York Institute of Aromatherapy – An Essential Oil Encyclopedia

Their location in the East Village is a great first stop if you're looking to take a dive into the world of essential oils and live in the area. Getting started with essential oils can be intimidating and confusing. With these botanical essences spiking in popularity, there are many different companies that sell their oils [...]

Homebrew: Mountain Meadow Mist Scrub

TYPE: FACIAL / BODY SCRUB. HERBS: LILAC, BIRCH, LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT, HO WOOD. USES: EXFOLIATION, AROMATHERAPY. Since at home facial scrubs are relatively easy to make and I have an abundance of ingredients to experiment with, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last few months, trying to find which combination of earth-based ingredients I [...]