Homebrew: Perfume – “Gray Wolf”

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: JUNIPER, CEDAR, SPRUCE, BAY LEAF, BLACK PEPPER. USES: PERFUME, FRAGRANCE. This blend conjures up the image of a lupine predator on the prowl in a cold mountain forest - freshly crushed berries and twigs under the powerful paws of an ancient canine predator. The aromatic scent of fresh juniper berries dances with [...]

Homebrew: “Hold You Deer” Collection

This collection is perfect for warmer weather - each fragrance is uniquely inspired by some of my favorite hooved woodland creatures! TYPE: PERFUME (COLLECTION) SEASON: SUMMER 2017 HERBS: LIME, MYRRH, VETIVER + VANILLA, SANDALWOOD, SPRUCE + ORANGE, YLANG YLANG, BLACK PEPPER USES: PERFUME, AROMATHERAPY. As my essential oil collection has grown, I've begun developing an [...]