Field Notes: Herbs for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is here - and if you're spending as much time in proximity to other people in their germs as most people in city do you need all the help you can get. Here is a brief list of some plant allies to help you and your immune system get through this [...]

Potion Review: Tamed Wild Detox Tincture & Tea

BASICS: TINCTURE // TEA | DETOXIFYING, CLEANSING HERBS: ST. JOHN'S WORT, DANDELION, ECHINACEA, YELLOW DOCK, BURDOCK, GINGER, ASTRAGULUS, NETTLE|| LEMONGRASS, RED CLOVER, CHRYSANTHEMUM, PEPPERMINT, NETTLE, ORANGE. The start of the year is a good time to start fresh - this can include not only starting to integrate new habits into your life, but also cleansing [...]

Field Notes: Basics – Herbs for Female Reproductive Health

  There are herbs that are best used to target just about every body system - and the female reproductive system is no exception. From menopause to a lack of libido, there’s a plant ally that may help cure what ails you. Black Cohosh - Black cohosh is a cure-all for female reproductive woes. Commonly, [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Ruby Relaxation Tonic”

  TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: TULSI, NETTLE, LEMONBALM, HIBISCUS. USES: WARMING, ADAPTATION, RELAXATION. This is a warming blend of herbs that will help your body combat mental and environmental stress, like changing seasons for example. Tulsi, or holy basil, as an extremely powerful adaptogen, while nettle is one of the most nutritious plant medicines there [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Purple Floral-Berry Elixir”

TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: OAT TOPS, VIOLET LEAVES, BLACKBERRY LEAVES, LINDEN FLOWER. USES: CALMING, ANTI-ANXIETY, NUTRITIVE, RESTORATIVE. I find that teas are a great way to satisfy cravings my body may have for certain vitamins and minerals, as well as a great way to unwind. Most of the blends I experiment with are an effort [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Cooling Sleep Tonic”

TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: NETTLE, SKULLCAP, ELEUTHERO, PEPPERMINT. USES: CALMING, ANTI-ANXIETY, SLEEP AID, VITAMINS. This is a delicious, relaxing, nourishing herbal formula I've been drinking at night that I liked enough to share with you all here! It's a blend of nettle, skullcap, eleuthero and peppermint. The nettle adds a rich, earthy, 'green' flavor - [...]

Field Notes – Natural Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

Coffee is a staple of city life - it's hard to think about starting the morning without it but sometimes it's a better option to trade in your daily cup of Joe for something different. I'm an avid coffee drinker myself, but there are mornings where I may not need quite the level of caffeine that coffee [...]