Potion Review: Tamed Wild Detox Tincture & Tea

BASICS: TINCTURE // TEA | DETOXIFYING, CLEANSING HERBS: ST. JOHN'S WORT, DANDELION, ECHINACEA, YELLOW DOCK, BURDOCK, GINGER, ASTRAGULUS, NETTLE|| LEMONGRASS, RED CLOVER, CHRYSANTHEMUM, PEPPERMINT, NETTLE, ORANGE. The start of the year is a good time to start fresh - this can include not only starting to integrate new habits into your life, but also cleansing [...]

Flora & Fauna: Common Backyard Herbs

There are plenty of plants you probably pass right by on your walk to work that are edible, medicinal and best of all - easy to identify. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) This plant is both edible and highly medicinal - just about every part of it. The flowers are delicious when battered and fried, and you [...]

Field Notes: A Simple Approach to Herbalism

While most herbal remedies are a combination of different plants, the simple approach is something everyone who uses herbs should be familiar with. The other day when I was at the herb shop I apprentice at, a woman walked in looking for a specific herb to treat her lyme disease. It was something quite rare [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Cooling Sleep Tonic”

TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: NETTLE, SKULLCAP, ELEUTHERO, PEPPERMINT. USES: CALMING, ANTI-ANXIETY, SLEEP AID, VITAMINS. This is a delicious, relaxing, nourishing herbal formula I've been drinking at night that I liked enough to share with you all here! It's a blend of nettle, skullcap, eleuthero and peppermint. The nettle adds a rich, earthy, 'green' flavor - [...]

Potion Review: Red Eft Herbs – Stress and Adrenal Tincture

PRODUCT: RED EFT HERBS STRESS AND ADRENAL TINCTURE BASICS: TINCTURE | $8.50 / 1 oz | ORGANIC - WILD-HARVESTED HERBS: LICORICE, ASHWAGANDA, NETTLE, SCHISANDRA, PLANTAIN In the past, I’ve relied on herbal medicines to fortify my health. Recently I’ve felt kind of depleted and stressed out - my work has tended to be demanding, and while [...]

Homebrew: Tincture – Dandelion & Catnip

I've used tinctures on and off for the last five years, primarily crafted by friends or purchased at stores. This week I'm pleased to say I was lucky enough to begin by making my first tinctures with my own two paws! The herbs for the two separate tinctures I chose were catnip (Nepeta cataria) and [...]

Field Notes: Product Safety and Research

I’m the kind of person who thinks it's important to know what is in the products you're exposing your body to, and to be educated about all the potential effects they might have. This goes not only for synthetic remedies, but natural ones as well. DISCLAIMER: Before you use herbal preparations, consult a medical professional [...]