Potion Review: Slumberhouse’s Norne

PRODUCT: SLUMBERHOUSE’S NORNE BASICS: PARFUM EXTRAIT | $160.00 / 30ml | PLANT EXTRACTS, FOREST ABSOLUTES, NON-SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE NOTES: HEMLOCK, FOG, PINE, MOSS, INCENSE Crafted by an small independent perfumer in Oregon, this fragrance nails every single note you’d smell walking through a pine forest. From the sweet smell of pine pitch and resin to the [...]

Potion Review: Merkaela Salt Bath and Caramel Chai Tea Potion

BASICS: BATH SALT // TEA | IMMUNE BOOSTING, GROUNDING. HERBS: CALENDULA, LEMON, CYPRESS ||  CINNAMON, GINGER, CLOVES, ALLSPICE, CARDAMOM, BLACK TEA, BLACK PEPPER   The Merkaela subscription boxes were another gift I received this holiday season -  they come with lots of lovely goodies! This month's box included a smudge, a meditation card, and a [...]

Homebrew – Ancient Winter Facial Scrub

Together, the oils call to the mind a scent of an old growth forest of towering trees and strange bird calls, blanketed in moss and dusted with powdery snow - very appropriate for the colder seasons. TYPE: FACIAL / BODY SCRUB. HERBS: MYRHH, CYPRESS, PEPPERMINT, CEDAR USES: EXFOLIATION, AROMATHERAPY. Sugar and salt scrubs are probably [...]

Homebrew: Sunrise Herbal Eye Brightener

TYPE: UNDER-EYE SERUM HERBS: EVENING PRIMROSE, CYPRESS, ROSEMARY, BERGAMOT. USES: BRIGHTEN  UNDER EYES, SOFTEN DARK CIRCLES. No under-eye serums I’ve found make up for a lack of sleep, and a lot of the ones I’ve yet to try have ingredients that make me shy away from them. After reading about different essential oils and plant [...]

Potion Review: Kiss My Face – Coconut Body Moisturizer

PRODUCT: KISS MY FACE COCONUT BODY MOISTURIZER BASICS: BODY LOTION| $13.99/ 32 oz | PLANT-BASED HERBS: COCONUT, GRAPESEED, OLIVE OIL, SHEA. Since Kiss My Face is a pretty ethical company and I wanted a lotion with a neutral scent, I gave this a shot. I cannot stress enough how much sweet smelling things gross me [...]

Homebrew: Alpine Blossom Nourishing Face Oil

TYPE: FACIAL OIL. HERBS: NETTLE, ROSE, EVENING PRIMROSE, BIRCH, LAVENDER, SEA BUCKTHORN, GRAPESEED, ALMOND, CARROT SEED. USES: FACIAL MOISTURIZER. I was experimenting with various facial moisturizers but what I found was that a lot of them just sat on top of my face, rather than absorbing and actually moisturizing. I’ve written about this before, and [...]

Potion Review: Pure Acre’s Castor Oil

PRODUCT: PURE ACRE'S CASTOR OIL BASICS:  | $10.99 / 2 oz | ORGANIC, ADDITIVE FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE HERBS: CASTOR SEED OIL I bought this product because like many people, I'd read countless stories online about how castor seed oil is a miracle product for eyelashes. There are a lot of lash lengthening products online but they're [...]