Homebrew: Aromatherapy Blend – “Good Morning”

TYPE: DIFFUSER BLEND. HERBS: GRAPEFRUIT, PEPPERMINT, BERGAMOT, BIRCH. USES: AROMATHERAPY. This is a blend I’ll often have going in my office when I’m working on projects and feel like I need a little boost, and matcha or coffee isn’t totally doing the trick. I often use aromatherapy diffusers as a means for reaping the benefits [...]

Homebrew: Sunrise Herbal Eye Brightener

TYPE: UNDER-EYE SERUM HERBS: EVENING PRIMROSE, CYPRESS, ROSEMARY, BERGAMOT. USES: BRIGHTEN  UNDER EYES, SOFTEN DARK CIRCLES. No under-eye serums I’ve found make up for a lack of sleep, and a lot of the ones I’ve yet to try have ingredients that make me shy away from them. After reading about different essential oils and plant [...]

Potion Review: Red Eft Herbs – Stress and Adrenal Tincture

PRODUCT: RED EFT HERBS STRESS AND ADRENAL TINCTURE BASICS: TINCTURE | $8.50 / 1 oz | ORGANIC - WILD-HARVESTED HERBS: LICORICE, ASHWAGANDA, NETTLE, SCHISANDRA, PLANTAIN In the past, I’ve relied on herbal medicines to fortify my health. Recently I’ve felt kind of depleted and stressed out - my work has tended to be demanding, and while [...]