Flora and Fauna: Jade Plants

These gorgeous low maintenance plants may grow to be your favorite part of your indoor garden. Older jade plants (Crassula ovata) may begin to look like small trees, but they are actually succulents! What this means is they really don't need a lot of water - you are more likely to kill them with over [...]

Field Notes: Forest Park Trail

There lots of beautiful parks in New York City, and fall is the perfect season to explore a new green area near you. Since moving here I've always lived relatively close to Forest Park and passed by it many times meaning to visit I hadn't really gotten a chance to explore it until recently. I [...]

Field Notes: Opinion – Words Versus Worth in Nature

Language is a powerful tool in shaping perception - perhaps one of the most effective. I've been told that my tea cabinet is full of ‘weeds’, which leads me to reply that the word what a 'weed' is, is in the eye of the beholder.  It means a plant devoid of value, something to be [...]

Homebrew: Perfume – “Enchantress”

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: FRANKINCENSE, PATCHOULI, MYRRH, LAVENDER, VIOLET. USES: PERFUME, AROMATHERAPY. This natural fragrance is a floral and musky aroma that makes me feel sexy and poweful when I apply it to my pulse points, It's the kind of natural perfume I'd wear out on a dinner date, or out to a party. The blend [...]

Homebrew: Perfume – “Campfire”

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: CADE, CLOVE, CEDAR, SPRUCE, BERGAMOT, BALSAM FIR. USES: PERFUME, AROMATHERAPY. This is a scent I'm especially proud of - the pursuit of this fragrance was what inspired me to start using essential oils in the first place. Once scent that smells like home to me - one I often miss more than [...]

Field Notes: Upcoming Adirondack Vacation

In a few short day's I'll be taking a retreat deep into the heart of the Adirondacks for some much needed rejuvenation and deep re-connection. While afternoons in parks and day-hikes are one thing I try to do when I can to keep myself grounded there is no real exception for crisp mountain air, a [...]