Potion Review: Slumberhouse’s Norne

PRODUCT: SLUMBERHOUSE’S NORNE BASICS: PARFUM EXTRAIT | $160.00 / 30ml | PLANT EXTRACTS, FOREST ABSOLUTES, NON-SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE NOTES: HEMLOCK, FOG, PINE, MOSS, INCENSE Crafted by an small independent perfumer in Oregon, this fragrance nails every single note you’d smell walking through a pine forest. From the sweet smell of pine pitch and resin to the [...]

Potion Review: Kiss My Face Shower Gel – Relaxing Anti-Stress Woodland Pine & Ginseng

PRODUCT: KISS MY FACE - WOODLAND PINE & GINSENG SHOWER GEL BASICS: BODYWASH | $7.44 / 32 oz | PARABEN-FREE. PLANT-BASED HERBS: OLIVE OIL, ALOE VERA, GOTU KOLA, FIR, LINDEN, GINSENG Talk about a pick me up! I love, love love this shower gel. It smells like sunrise in a pine forest, and I’m totally here [...]