Homebrew: Aromatherapy Blend – “Herbal Wake Up Call”

TYPE: ON THE GO AROMATHERAPY. HERBS: BASIL, BERGAMOT, PEPPERMINT. USES: AROMATHERAPY. I often carry around a small bottle of essential oil to inhale whenever I want to increase my awareness or shift my state of mind. Lately I’ve been carrying around a simple blend of basil, bergamot, and peppermint. The bright scent of bergamot is [...]

Homebrew: Aromatherapy Blend – “Good Morning”

TYPE: DIFFUSER BLEND. HERBS: GRAPEFRUIT, PEPPERMINT, BERGAMOT, BIRCH. USES: AROMATHERAPY. This is a blend I’ll often have going in my office when I’m working on projects and feel like I need a little boost, and matcha or coffee isn’t totally doing the trick. I often use aromatherapy diffusers as a means for reaping the benefits [...]

Homebrew: Skullcap Relaxation Blend

TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: SKULLCAP, PASSIONFLOWER, LINDEN FLOWER, PEPPERMINT. USES: INSOMNIA, ANTI-ANXIETY, RELAXATION. Sometimes at the end of the day the gears in my head are still turning. This can be frustrating when I'm trying to unwind before I go to sleep - and sometimes make it difficult to fall asleep altogether! This is a [...]

Homebrew – Ancient Winter Facial Scrub

Together, the oils call to the mind a scent of an old growth forest of towering trees and strange bird calls, blanketed in moss and dusted with powdery snow - very appropriate for the colder seasons. TYPE: FACIAL / BODY SCRUB. HERBS: MYRHH, CYPRESS, PEPPERMINT, CEDAR USES: EXFOLIATION, AROMATHERAPY. Sugar and salt scrubs are probably [...]

Homebrew: Pine Forest Body Lotion

TYPE: BODY LOTION. HERBS: PINE, SPRUCE, PEPPERMINT, CYPRESS, SHEA, GRAPESEED, ALMOND. USES: WINTER SKIN MOISTURIZER. Colder months tend to call for deeper moisture for my skin - so I decided to try my hand at making my own body lotion. I know shea butter is deeply moisturizing but tends to be a bit heavier - [...]

Homebrew: Mountain Meadow Mist Scrub

TYPE: FACIAL / BODY SCRUB. HERBS: LILAC, BIRCH, LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT, HO WOOD. USES: EXFOLIATION, AROMATHERAPY. Since at home facial scrubs are relatively easy to make and I have an abundance of ingredients to experiment with, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last few months, trying to find which combination of earth-based ingredients I [...]

Potion Review: Brookethorne Naturals – Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Oil

PRODUCT: BROOKETHORNE NATURALS RELAX THERAPEUTIC BODY MASSAGE OIL BASICS: MASSAGE OIL | $16.49/ 8.5 oz | PARABEN-FREE - VEGAN - PLANT-BASED - CRUELTY FREE HERBS: LAVENDER, MARJORAM, PEPPERMINT, SWEET ALMOND This is the first massage oil I've ever purchased myself, and I really liked it. It goes on light - it's not greasy or oily at all, and [...]