Homebrew: Perfume – “Inner Flame”

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: TULSI, YUZU, VANILLA, ORANGE, YLANG YLANG, ROSEWOOD. USES: PERFUME, FRAGRANCE. This blend is comforting  and warming - at once familiar, and exotic. The scents are warm, the first notes that hit are the sweetness of the orange and yuzu, brightening the blend, along with the spiciness of the tulsi. Tulsi is a [...]

Homebrew: Mountain Meadow Mist Scrub

TYPE: FACIAL / BODY SCRUB. HERBS: LILAC, BIRCH, LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT, HO WOOD. USES: EXFOLIATION, AROMATHERAPY. Since at home facial scrubs are relatively easy to make and I have an abundance of ingredients to experiment with, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last few months, trying to find which combination of earth-based ingredients I [...]

Potion Review: A La Maison de Provence – Hand & Body Soap, Rosemary Mint

PRODUCT: A LA MAISON DE PROVENCE ROSEMARY MINT BODY WASH / HAND SOAP BASICS: BODYWASH | $23.88 / 16.9 oz x 3 PACK | PALM OIL FREE HERBS: COCONUT, OLIVE OIL, ROSEMARY, MINT.   I was out of body wash, and decided to give a new one a shot. Rosemary and mint are two of [...]

Potion Review: Brookethorne Naturals – Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Oil

PRODUCT: BROOKETHORNE NATURALS RELAX THERAPEUTIC BODY MASSAGE OIL BASICS: MASSAGE OIL | $16.49/ 8.5 oz | PARABEN-FREE - VEGAN - PLANT-BASED - CRUELTY FREE HERBS: LAVENDER, MARJORAM, PEPPERMINT, SWEET ALMOND This is the first massage oil I've ever purchased myself, and I really liked it. It goes on light - it's not greasy or oily at all, and [...]

Potion Review: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Anti-Aging Moisturizer

PRODUCT: RAW SHEA BUTTER ANTI-AGING MOISTURIZER BASICS:  | $11.99  /  2 oz | PLANT BASED, ORGANIC HERBS: SHEA BUTTER, JOJOBA OIL, COCOA BUTTER, MANGO SEED OIL, ALOE, MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA BARK EXTRACT. I was in the market for a new facial moisturizer, and figured I'd try one from Shea Moisture. I love that they use natural [...]

Potion Review: Shea Moisture – Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Créme Body Wash

PRODUCT: PEACE ROSE OIL COMPLEX SENSITIVE CRÉME BODY WASH BASICS: BODY WASH / BUBBLE BATH | $9.99 / 13 oz | ORGANIC – PLANT-BASED – SUSTAINABLY SOURCED HERBS: CAMELLIA, DATE PALM, PEACE ROSE I was out of body wash the other day and decided to give this a try. I know Shea Moisture makes quality hair [...]

Potion Review: Meyer’s – Iowa Pine Cleaning Spray

PRODUCT: MEYER'S - IOWA PINE CLEANING SPRAY BASICS: SUNSCREEN | $14.33 / 16 oz | VEGAN - PLANT-BASED HERBS: SPRUCE, CEDAR, CLOVE, ALOE   I have been trying out different plant based soaps and cleaning sprays. I clean a fair amount and kind of hate the idea of breathing in god knows what in conventional household cleaners on [...]