Potion Review: Flower Power Rhodiola Adaptogen Power Tincture

PRODUCT: FLOWER POWER RHODIOLA ADAPTOGEN TINCTURE BASICS:  | $28.00 / 2 oz | HERBAL REMEDY HERBS: RHODIOLA ROOT, HAWTHORNE BERRY, CINNAMON, LICORICE ROOT Flower Power is the herb shop most convenient to me - so when I need to restock on something basic I can almost always count on them to have it. On a [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Purple Floral-Berry Elixir”

TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: OAT TOPS, VIOLET LEAVES, BLACKBERRY LEAVES, LINDEN FLOWER. USES: CALMING, ANTI-ANXIETY, NUTRITIVE, RESTORATIVE. I find that teas are a great way to satisfy cravings my body may have for certain vitamins and minerals, as well as a great way to unwind. Most of the blends I experiment with are an effort [...]