Homebrew: Perfume – “Inner Flame”

TYPE: PERFUME HERBS: TULSI, YUZU, VANILLA, ORANGE, YLANG YLANG, ROSEWOOD. USES: PERFUME, FRAGRANCE. This blend is comforting  and warming - at once familiar, and exotic. The scents are warm, the first notes that hit are the sweetness of the orange and yuzu, brightening the blend, along with the spiciness of the tulsi. Tulsi is a [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Astragulus Chai”

TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: ASTRAGULUS, TULSI, LEMONBALM, ELEUTHERO, CLOVE, SCHISANDRA. USES: ADAPTATION, ANTI-STRESS, RELAXATION.  So I was trying to tweak one of my other formulations that I make with tulsi - the weather was turning and I felt the beginnings of a cold in the back of my throat. I realized I had some astragulus [...]

Homebrew: Tea – “Ruby Relaxation Tonic”

  TYPE: HERBAL TEA. HERBS: TULSI, NETTLE, LEMONBALM, HIBISCUS. USES: WARMING, ADAPTATION, RELAXATION. This is a warming blend of herbs that will help your body combat mental and environmental stress, like changing seasons for example. Tulsi, or holy basil, as an extremely powerful adaptogen, while nettle is one of the most nutritious plant medicines there [...]

Field Notes: Basic Adaptogenic Herbs for Fall

There's nothing like the transition from warm summer days to chilly fall ones to throw all the systems in your body completely out of whack. Plenty of people feel lethargic, and tons of others get sick - luckily, there are herbs to help your body fight off stress and adapt to changes called adaptogens. What [...]